We are all so unique. The answer to any one imbalance in life is never simple. However, when you address your LIFESTYLE and look at your life as a series of lifestyle management choices, then finding health isn't so complicated after all! Besides nutrition, managing your stress response, is a big part of a healthy pregnancy.

Stress is a natural part of life. Living and breathing under the sun causes everyone to experience stress, even when it's positive stress. The goal for any stressful situation is to learn how to manage it. This is certainly a tough task when there are plenty of unknowns in life! However, we now know that currently 5-10% of all infertility is stress related, making stress management an integral part of conception. And a new study has shown that stress during pregnancy doesn’t only shorten gestational length, but it can affect the next four generations of your family. For this reason, we've added stress management videos to accompany your guide to a stress-free pregnancy and life! These videos are brought to you by Vayas Health.