Pregnant or not, food is what gives us life! But, it's a food's nutrient composition that truly determines how healthy the food is for us. We've all heard the biggest myth about food, "calories in, calories out."  Sound familiar? We couldn't disagree more, and so we approach nutrients and foods differently. We no longer want you to focus on how many calories you intake, but rather the type of calories that you choose. For that reason, you are not going to find a single food on this nutrition plan that you can't eat. There are no foods that are off limits to you in the GrowBaby program. Why? Because the foods that exist on GrowBaby were hand-picked to improve your pregnancy health outcomes and improve your baby's development. You will find individual foods, broken down to their simplest forms. Sound revolutionary? We just see it as doing things old school. We used to walk out to our gardens, pick onions and garlic, milk our cows and churn cream into butter, and pick fruit from our orchards. We are taking food back to the earth. There are no preset meals, there are no branded food items, just whole foods for your pregnancy health. The foods you get to choose from focus on nutrient density, not caloric density. We want to promote foods choices that are full of nutrients to help you feel your best during your pregnancy and postpartum period. 

LOW GLYCEMIC FOOD LIST: What does this mean? It means that the foods that you get to choose from in your plan will balance your blood sugar and help you maintain your energy. Sounds good doesn't it? GrowBaby allows you to log only foods that we know will improve your health outcomes. For now, enjoy >400 foods that you know will improve the health of you and your baby.